Thursday, October 29, 2015

Recent Challenges and Innovations

Recently ACT Cleaners has participated in the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association 2015 Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge. Tasked with the challenge of coming up with innovative products that can provide efficiencies that have been non-existent and can meet strict environmental standards of today’s oil-and-gas industry. Our company made it to the final 10 contestants to pitch our products and ideas to the CCIA, which is a huge honor for us! We made so many new connections to other companies that we normally would not get to do, and we were so grateful for the opportunity.

We pondered what product to present at this prestigious competition, and we chose our terra firma, concrete, and asphalt products because of their innovative BioRemediation properties. For those of you that are unfamiliar, this process uses biological organisms to mitigate or clean up a spill, leak, or other environmental problem. The microbes are engineered to multiply rapidly to reduce the spill quickly, and use oxygen, not water, so it requires no cleanup at all!

At Act Cleaners, we strive to provide amazing Eco friendly products that work with the environment and not against it. So if you have a tough oil spill and need asphalt cleaner for your driveway, grease spill on your patio, or other heavy spill that requires heavy duty cleaning, Act fast!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Welcome to the ACT Cleaners Blog!

ACT Cleaners has been around since 1996 providing commercial businesses with innovative eco cleaning products for spills on concrete, asphalt, water, and soil as well as trash and recycling can deodorizers and so much more. We are now making these products available to the public for the consumer market so everyone can benefit from these green products. Our products are safe and easy to use, you just apply the product to the spill or stain and walk away, and the microorganisms take care of the rest! Check out our products specifically designed for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

·         Residential – From drain cleaner to trash can deodorizer to concrete or asphalt cleaner for your driveway and sidewalk, ACT has the essential cleaning products to maintain you home inside and out.
·          Commercial – Pulling from the same catalog as the residential products, we also have corral cleaner to use in large stalls and pens to clean up big messes and remaining safe around your animals!
·         Industrial – Take on the heaviest of jobs with our industrial sized cleaning agents that will be sure to rid your space of slightly stains and spills.

Check back monthly for the latest news on our products and what’s going on around the company! Head over to to find out more and browse our product line!